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These 3 Little-Known Wildlife Artists Really Deserve More Appreciation

The existence of social media and e-commerce opens new doors for all creatives to feature their skills, highlighting services that they can do best to specific target markets. But then, it also blocks the wildlife art creators in the U.S.A. and Canada to be seen who are perhaps deserve more online presence and appreciation.

The first one in the few artists who need more appreciation because of her wildlife art would be Karyn Dekramer, seeing her paintings reveals a true observer of nature, wildlife animals and its habitat. What set Karyn apart from the others, her wildlife art and nature impose a dramatic mood capturing every viewer’s heart, that there are still good things and sightseeing spots that will enrich you aside from the world of technology advancement.

Meanwhile, most of the 44-year-old Jason Kamin’s oil painting collections include wildlife art, jungles and landscapes from different countries such as Nepal, Western U.S. Panama and Italy.

Jason has only limited time to paint that leads him to produce only five creations every year, but despite of his schedule he still got honored and received the following awards just for this year:

  • Best of Show: Artists for Conservation Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Medal of Excellence: Artists for Conservation Exhibition
  • Environmental Statement Award

Aside from Karyn and Jason, Calvin Nicholls also deserves more online presence as well as appreciation worldwide. Through his interest in wildlife art and photography, Calvin started to highlight his artworks since in the mid-1980s. Calvin’s subject matters are as follows: wildlife art, nature, landscape and miniature paper sculpture.

The proud member of Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation is also open for collaboration and customized wildlife art and other paper sculpture that each client wish to avail.

The talents and achievements of these artists need more appreciation from us. Our appreciation could be the way to expose them to the right target audiences that they need to reach out to.  Karyn, Jason and Calvin are just some of the underrated artists that we should often check out and follow to get real-time updates in painting, creativity and wildlife art.

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