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Entertainment Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests In Awe!

One of the tasks of people in charge of corporate event planning is to find the best entertainment that will provide a great experience to everyone present. To keep them engaged, you need to capture their interest with fun activities, unique performers, and fun experiences.

Here are 10 of the most favourite entertainment ideas that will amaze your guests:

  1. Live Bands

This is the most common but still an excellent way to entertain guests. Live music sets the mood right and caters to any type of crowd. To make it more interesting, get live bands who can perform with a variety of musical instruments or can do a different level of performance.

  1. Celebrities Or Influencers

The presence of a celebrity or a highly sought influencer can generate a loud buzz. This is why most companies hire celebrities to become a resource person, guest, or entertainer.

  1. Aerial Performers

Create a unique impact in the venue by having aerial decor and performers above the audience. This interactive idea will definitely wow the guests at the event and will level up your reputation as event planning specialist.

  1. Coffee Art

Create a sensation by bringing in a coffee artist who draw the attendees’ face in a cup of coffee with the use of a portable machine. The “instant art” will keep the guests busy sharing it via Instagram and other social media.

  1. Aroma DJ

Spice up any event by hiring aroma DJ who spins music while mixing real pheromones, essential oils, and incense to amplify the party vibe. Guests will surely remember the scenes and the scents of the event!

  1. Tarot Reading and Magicians

Add some magic and supernatural vibe by adding booths for a tarot reading, tea leaf reading, or palm reading. You can also hire popular magicians or card tricksters to provide fun and excitement.

By levelling up your entertainment ideas and making the attendees super-satisfied, your event planning services will be much sought. Keep innovating to stand out from the rest of your competitors!

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