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The Untold Truths About Event Planners

Event planners project a glamorous and confident image. Their jobs are exciting and challenging. They seem to be in total control of everything while tackling the tasks of event planning. However, behind the cool demeanour are individuals who need to sacrifice personal matters to ensure the success of their projects.

All Work, No Play

It may look glamorous but the truth is- it’s hard work. You need to work long hours, face tremendous pressures, and deliver excellent results. The challenge is real when you are in this industry, whether you are a newbie or a professional event planner. Even if you jet set around the world or across the country to plan and execute an event, you will not have much time to explore it. It will be work, work, and little to no play.

Control Freak or Perfectionist

You are detail-oriented and want everything to be perfect. You ensure that your team is doing the tasks that you entrust to them.  You have high standards that sometimes make it difficult for you to delegate sensitive tasks. But remember, no man is an island. Event planning involves teamwork and flexibility. When things went wrong, it’s time to take control and direct a new course of action to ensure the success of the event.


Event management is considered one of the most stressful jobs. Pressures, deadlines, and many things to accomplish during the prepping time and actual date can really make you a bit crazy and cranky sometimes.

Sociable or Simply too loud

This career is perfect for outgoing and confident people, considering the necessity to talk constantly with clients, public, and personal staff constantly. You are like a chameleon who can transform to play one role then to jump to the next. You talk a lot, keep the conversation going, ask myriad of questions, tell stories, and more.

Obsessed with Tech

You are constantly checking your phone, your social media accounts, and emails. You appear to be online 24/7. It may seem rude but you really need to answer clients’ and suppliers’ concerns immediately or check some vital information that you need for the event.

These are just a few of the many flip sides that speak the truth about the demanding job of event specialists. Event planning requires a lot, to the extent of sacrificing your time to relax and sleep.

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